Suzanne River

 Dear Friends and Wide World,

Suzanne River passed over
Thursday 8:15 pm, 12-February-2015

A memorial for Suzanne was held
Wednesday, 18 February
at The Recovery Church
253 State St,
Saint Paul, MN 55107
(651) 291-1371

Interment at Prairie Oaks Memorial Eco Gardens;
8225 Argenta Trail, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

Memorial Donations in honor of Suzanne
can be made to

All love now to Jesse River and to Don Lewis.

Green River Dance for Global Somatics™
engages, educates, and inspires people
to move, touch, sound and live consciously in the Natural Body.

Invest in your first home…your Natural Body!

  • experience a private session
  • enjoy a performance
  • participate in a three hour class or healing circle
  • take a day seminar or three day intensive
  • enroll in a course
  • commit to a professional training

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Green River Dance for Global Somatics (GRDGS)

School for Somatic Movement Education/ Therapy, Bodywork and Energy Medicine
Founded in 1982 by Suzanne River, GRDGS is a healing arts resource center recognized for innovative continuing education, professional trainings, research, therapeutic services, performance and ceremony

GRDGS is the only Midwest somatic school providing a comprehensive curriculum in experiential anatomy, developmental movement and embodiment of the energy field. Somatics is the new science of studying the physical body through personal experience. Soma refers to the experienced body instead of the body as an object other than self. A complete understanding of the physical body requires both the subjective somatic experience and the objective clinical information provided by western anatomy/physiology. The consciousness of the experienced body includes the consciousness of emotions, mind, soul and spirit. A person participates in the body from the inside out by learning its native language of vibration, breath, sensation, movement, touch and sound.

Over the last hundred years, numerous somatic modalities have emerged, each bringing a unique and necessary aspect to the field. The Global Somatics™ Process is unique among somatic modalities because it consciously addresses the embodiment of the energy field. In this respect, it is likened to Somatic Shamanism. The Global Somatics™ Process empowers individuals to activate channels between the soma (experienced body) and the energy field for self realization, authentic healing and conscious evolution.

Through the Global Somatics™ Process, every cell, system, person, and community is honored as a world unto itself that manifests and participates in the interconnected web of life. Green River Dance for Global Somatics™ supports the healing of the earth and promotes evolution by teaching the art of embodiment- the ability to be here now in the physical body. As people become at home in their Natural Bodies, they discover potential for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation. They enjoy, understand, and respect the body as a means of connection to the deepest self, to others, to the earth, and to the universe. By embracing the world of the body, each person is aligned with the power of Nature and together, we transform ourselves and our world.

The Global Somatics™ Practitioner Training (GSPT) ranks as one of the world’s most creative and comprehensive embodiment programs. Our graduates lead in the fields of somatic movement education and therapy, bodywork and energy medicine!