A Welcome Letter from the Director

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Welcome to Green River Dance for Global Somatics. I hope to meet you personally someday, and if not, I hope you enjoy our website. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with your comments and questions.

Our courses create a circle and a space where people can learn about the consciousness of the Natural Body -- the unity of physical body and subtle energy field. Our classes are field guides to the conscious body as a conduit for Nature. The Inner Body is a portal to Spirit and a bridge between the Essential Self and Personality.

We attract people who want to have a more loving and knowledgeable connection with their body's innate wisdom. We attract people who want to have fun breathing, moving, touching and sounding. We attract people who desire embodiment - the healing between patterns of perception held and repeated in the physical body/energy field and the alignment with perfect structure and function of bodymind. We attract people who are committed to transformation, both personal and planetary, and who realize that the conscious body is perhaps one of the last frontiers and hopes for humanity. We attract pioneers.

Suzanne River,
GRDGS Director

Anyone with a desire to learn from and about the body through its first language of movement and touch, can benefit from even one course. Many professionals in the body-mind field enjoy our courses (dancers, body workers, therapists, movement and yoga teachers, physical therapists, teachers of meditation, child development specialists and artists).

When you take a course at Green River Dance for Global Somatics, you join a river of humans researching the beauty and power of Nature as expressed through the Natural Body. By Natural Body, we mean the physical body in its intricacy and mystery as a manifestation of the invisible subtle energy body. Your unique bodymind and learning process are valued in this learning community. Global Somatics™ Process is an open-system of intelligence that shares the maps and learning of the past and encourages further research from every participant.

Theory and Philosophy of Global Somatics™ Process and Courses

Green River Dance for Global Somatics is a part of the ever growing field of Somatics - the learning from the experienced body. Global Somatics™ is one of many approaches that heals the split between body-mind, celebrates the absolute oneness of flesh and spirit and supports a joyful life on earth.

There are no proper words to describe the Global Somatics™ Process because we engage in the direct learning of vibration and of cellular consciousness. Embodiment is subject to wide interpretation, meaning many things to different people. Students are encouraged to articulate their personal experiences. Each verbalization will be unique and add to the mapping of a common field of research.

Global Somatics™ Process cannot be explained by any of the currently accepted western sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, physiology and anatomy). In our approach, there is no separation between energy and matter. Matter consists of movement and this movement is energy. The continuum of conscious matter is a holographic ecology of sub atomic particles, molecules, cells, systems, organisms, community of organisms and the universe. Each movement particle of matter generates an energy field and is informed by that field.

The Global Somatics™ Process has an affinity with shamanism, wise woman's healing, the arts and the old sciences of alchemy and astrology. The Global Somatics™ Process brings to life the theories and philosophy of the following scientists: Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance and morphogenesis, Bruce Lipton's and Candace Pert's new biology which recognizes the body as the subconscious self, David Boehm's physics of the implicit and explicit fields of consciousness, Eckhart Tolle s enthusiasm for the "Inner Body", Richard Gerber's Vibrational Medicine, Deepak Chopras's and Andrew Weil's promotion of alternative healing, and Hervig Schoen's innovative energy medicine modality of Reconnective Therapy.

Honoring and Gratitude for roots of Global Somatics™ Courses and Process.

As founder of Green River Dance for Global Somatics, I gratefully honor and acknowledge all of my teachers and channels of inspiration that have culminated in the Global Somatics™ Process and Courses. I thank, above and below all, Nature, and all my teachers of oneness with Nature. I thank all students and clients who have dedicated themselves to this work for over 28 years. I have been touched and moved by each of you. I thank Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen for her gift of the Body-Mind Centering® Approach, and all my teachers of BMC™. I thank the Spirit of Dance and all my movement teachers. I thank the Spirit of Touch and all my bodywork and energy medicine teachers. I thank the Spirit of Energy Medicine and all of my teachers of subtle energy and shamanism. I thank everyone with whom I have a relationship for teaching me the art of relationship in which this work is rooted.


So, bring your body and free your mind. Discover how your Body can take you through your limits of movement, emotions and beliefs. Change the world by changing your cells. Join the circle and the journey to come home to your self. Become an active participant in a transformative community. Take a class or have a session at Green River Dance for Global Somatics. We welcome you for all you are!!!

With love, respect and gratitude,
Suzanne River